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From NineStar Press

The responsibilities Nathan has taken on are sometimes daunting, even as he loves his job. Always ready to rise to the occasion, he is both respected and feared in the office and in the field. His rise to quiet power has shaped his very being, and he knows each and every move as he plots his days and watches over his agents. His life has shaped him into a loner, however, and that is never more noticeable than when Eli begins work in Department 5.

Eli is not the typical Department 5 recruit, and his cheerful and polite nature is both intriguing and off-putting to Nathan. But as Eli weakens and breaks through Nathan’s walls, they gradually embark on a path of discovery and a relationship that defies both of their assumptions. It is by times quirky and odd, sometimes a little rough around the edges, always a bit fragile. But secrecy, lies, plots, and executions are Nathan’s job, and life—and some habits are hard to break. Finally, the tension their work holds can no longer be contained or ignored, and it threatens to destroy either themselves or all that they’ve found together.

Turn is a story about power, tough choices, and strategic moves—of knowing when to sacrifice a piece in this ongoing game of chess, sticking by your actions, and knowing what the endgame is—no matter what the personal cost. Most importantly, it’s about life’s hardest lesson. Sometimes love isn’t all that you need, and the wants of our hearts aren’t always enough to overcome who we are and the realities of life.

Turn is available from your favorite local retailer, or you can buy the Turn e-book on NineStar Press here or in print or e-book on Amazon here.

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Reviews for Turn


Joyfully Jay Reviews

Wow. Just wow. Turn was one of those reads that crawled under my skin from page one and I never shook free

Open Book

Kelly, Amazon Review

Friendship building into love with many twists and turns. Could not put it down great book! Highly recommend this book

Man Reading

Liliyana Shadowlyn

This book made me hold my breath, tear up, smile, and my heart ache so deeply at times...

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